Crowned Stick Insect - Lichen form (Onchestus rentzi)



Liking the lichen? These unusual genetic variants of the Crowned Stick Insects are simply stunning!

Adult female 120mm

  • Incredible lichen-form Crowned stick insects (females only).
  • Suitable for all ages and experience levels. Great to handle!
  • Feeds on Eucalyptus leaves, Acacia and much more.
  • Captive bred through our environmentally sustainable breeding program.
  • Guaranteed to be mite and parasite free.
  • All Minibeast Wildlife animals are covered by our seven day Minibeast Guarantee and have a free downloadable Care Guide
You will need:
  • An enclosure
  • Access to Eucalyptus (Gum), Acacia or other suitable food plants.
  • A misting bottle

Product Videos

Crowned Stick Insects (01:57)
A brief introduction to the lichen-form Crowned Stick Insects at Minibeast Wildlife.
  • Crowned Stick Insects
    A brief introduction to the lichen-form Crowned Stick Insects ...

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  1. They are brilliant

    Posted by Aparna Cheerath on 21st Nov 2017

    They are being cared for by my high school yr7 kids. They're so stress free and easy to maintain. They need very little maintenance needs and are just active and interactive enough for young kids to take care of get over fears related to bugs. The colors on these bugs make them extremely attractive to kids as well. They are a sure fire hit.

  2. stick insect

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Aug 2017

    awesome pet's to have

    they are fun to care for and they are fun to study

    amazing service and

    highly recommend this stick insect for people who what an low maintenance pet

  3. Onchestus rentzi - lichen form

    Posted by Rebekah Bergeron on 10th Aug 2017

    I ordered one of these bugs to begin expanding my invert collection and what a gorgeous bug she is! Her patterns are an lovely cream and deep brown. She arrived safely in Perth after 2 days of express post, which I think is quite impressive considering, y'know, AusPost. She arrived happy and healthy, munching a leaf and took no notice of me until I tried moving her. I may actually consider buying more crowned stick insects in the future as she has totally captivated me. I'd definitely purchase from Minibeast Wildlife again.

  4. Great Classroom Pet

    Posted by KC Teacher on 25th Jul 2017

    Very happy with this purchase. Very easy pet to have in a classroom of Kinder students. Good information to help get started too. Thank you!

  5. Charming Insects

    Posted by Smithers on 11th May 2017

    Large gorgeous bugs with funny robotic mannerisms and an adorable intimidation tactic. They really do look and feel like bits of wood, coming in different shades ranging from an orange-tan to a deep, dark brown. Their wing display is quite marvelous, though don't push them for it too often since it's a self-defense tactic and hence stressful for them.

    I imagine these will add some nice variety for display if you already own some standard Crowned Stick Insects.

    Service is prompt and great.

  6. Great place to start

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2017

    Very healthy insects no issues fast delivery

  7. Very Pretty Stick Insects

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Dec 2016

    I had kept Crowned Stick Insects before but not this colour form. They are beautifully patterned with cream markings on their body and legs. I ordered one but received two, an extra one included as a bonus! They are healthy and happily feeding on Eucalyptus and Acacia. Great service!

  8. Happy and Healthy

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Nov 2016

    Arrived very fast and is very happy and healthy.

  9. Onchestus rentzi

    Posted by MargC on 11th Nov 2014

    Female O rentzi arrived promptly, well packed and healthy. These stick insects are beautifully patterned and "feel" more delicate than E tiaratum. A few days in the new enclosure she needed to moult, the weather was dry and very hot and even though i was misting with water a few times a day the humidity wasn't high enough and she could not break free of exoskeleton. Not an issue that minibeast personnel have control over but it's something that can happen even if you are following the care guide and doing all the correct things - will order another as minibeast deliver quality animals.

  10. Crowned stick insect - lichen form

    Posted by Pat Simmons on 16th Jul 2014

    I'm delighted with this new member of my mini beast family. This is a species I haven't kept before so it will be fascinating to watch her grow and, hopefully, lay eggs eventually.

    She is in the mesh enclosure with 3 other species of stick insects eating acacia and eucalyptus and doing well.

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