Gargantuan Stick Insect (Ctenomorpha gargantua)

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Gargantuan Stick Insects - Australia's longest species and potentially the world's longest!

Adult female body length 300mm, total length (front legs to tail) 580mm (sold as juveniles)

  • Suitable for moderately experienced keepers
  • Feeds on most species of Eucalyptus leaves, Brush Cherry (Syzygium australe) and Cadagi (Corymbia torelliana) 
  • Captive bred through our environmentally sustainable breeding program.
  • All Minibeast Wildlife animals are covered by our seven day Minibeast Guarantee and have a free downloadable Care Guide.
  • Guaranteed to be mite and parasite free.
You will need:
  • An extra large enclosure
  • Access to Eucalyptus (Gum) trees, Brush Cherry (Syzygium australe) and Cadagi (Corymbia torelliana) 
  • A misting bottle