Green-bellied Huntsman Deluxe Kit (Typostola barbata) Save 10%

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An awesome kit to display and view your huntsman - Australia's largest species! 

Adult body length 45mm, leg-span up to 165mm  

  • Sold as unsexed juveniles
  • Mildly venomous.
  • Feeds on live insects
  • Captive bred through our environmentally sustainable breeding program.
  • Guaranteed to be mite and parasite free.
  • All Minibeast Wildlife animals are covered by our seven day Minibeast Guarantee and have a free downloadable Care Guide
This kit contains:
  • A 10% saving on all included items
  • A juvenile Green-bellied Huntsman
  • A Komodo Nano Habitat (210mm x 210mm x 200mm)
  • Dry Forest Litter Substrate (100g)
  • A natural bark hide


You will need: