Minibeast Guarantee

Life is unpredictable, even for minibeasts. 

We know this better than anyone! To give you the best chance of success with your new animal, all our purchased invertebrates include a seven day guarantee, free of charge


What does the guarantee include?

We only ever ship animals that are in the best of health. However, problems can sometimes develop quickly and unexpectedly during shipping or soon after arrival. Though this is rare, we acknowledge that it can happen and is beyond your control. If this results in the death of your minibeast within seven days of receiving it, we will replace it free of charge. For the guarantee to apply, please get in contact with us within 7 days of receiving your parcel, and please provide photos of any unwell or deceased animals.

Fortunately, there are many signs that a minibeast may be in poor health before it dies. Intervening during this crucial period can put your minibeast on track for a quick recovery. For this reason, your Minibeast Guarantee also entitles you to our Pet Support system. Quote your order number to receive priority answers to questions about the health of your minibeast. For best results, provide as many details as possible, including photos.

Contact us at or on 0434 998 263.


What is covered by the Minibeast Guarantee?

The Minibeast Guarantee protects you against the unpredictable deaths in minibeasts that may be caused by shipping or other factors that are beyond your control. We take all available precautions against these factors.

Unfortunately, not every circumstance can be covered. Often minibeasts die because they have not been provided with the right care. The basic instructions provided free with every minibeast purchase should allow even first time keepers to provide their minibeasts with everything they need. Ensuring you have followed these instructions is the first step in ruling out care as a factor in the event of the unexpected death of your minibeast. The Minibeast Guarantee may not apply if your minibeast is not provided with its basic needs and the care guide has not been followed.

The Minibeast Guarantee may not apply if your parcel has not been collected in a timely manner after it has been delivered. This includes parcels that may have been left in a safe place on your property if no one was home to receive the parcel, or if the parcel was awaiting collection at the post office and was not collected on the day it was delivered to the post office. Any recompense will be at the sole discretion of Minibeast Wildlife. 

If you notice something is wrong, contacting us immediately will also help us determine the source of the problem, and hopefully fix it, before it becomes fatal.

We have temporarily sold out of these amazing invertebrates but we are currently breeding more.