Komodo Nano Habitat (210mm x 210mm x 200mm)

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Komodo Nano Habitat (210mm x 210mm x 200mm)

Komodo's Nano Habitats are ideal for creating environments for many species of invertebrates.  They can be stacked to create a visually stunning displays and their special raised bases mean that each habitat will still be well ventilated.

  • Solid glass enclosure with sliding ventilated lid. 
  • Stackable - multiple units create fantastic displays.
  • Suitable for beetles, scorpions, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, ant-lions, slaters, pillbugs, snails and more! (Not suitable for stick insects)
  • 210mm x 210mm x 200 mm high


  • 5
    Great small terrarium

    Posted by David on 6th Jun 2022

    The Komodo nano habitats are well built and look fantastic. I have a few of these now. They are easy to handle. They can be stacked while maintaining suitable ventilation due to the slightly raised feet, and you can fit a heating mat comfortably under the tank due to the same feature. Well built and they look great!

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    Not good for mantids

    Posted by Chloe on 4th Jan 2022

    I got this in a kit with a giant rainforest mantis and immediately noticed some problems. Firstly, it's too small to allow the mantis to moult in later instars, but is too big for a young mantis to find food, so it's just for show. It's also top opening, with a sliding top. This has been quite stressful for my mantis as she sometimes hangs on the top mesh for prolonged periods and gets stressed when it starts sliding when I open it. I'm sure it's great for other inverts, but I would not recommend this at all for a praying mantis. Would be much better to get a taller, front opening enclosure instead.

  • 5

    Posted by Angel on 13th Oct 2021

    Definitely getting lots more of these, just got mine today and it's perfect also looks very nice, and displays my critters perfectly