Trapdoor Spider Substrate - 1.5kg

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Trapdoor Spider Substrate

  • 1500g pre-mixed natural clay-based substrate, moist and ready to use.
  • Provides an excellent medium for burrowing spiders and enhances burrow stability in captivity.
  • Suitable for trapdoor spiders including Arbanitis spp, Cataxia spp, Euoplos spp. Idiommata spp. and many others. 
  • Pre-frozen to eliminate pests and parasites.


Directions for use

  • Fill enclosure to appropriate level for species and specimen size.
  • Lightly compact the substrate using your hand or flat object.
  • Create a pilot hole for the spider to begin the burrow (using a finger or pencil). The hole should be slightly wider than the spider's body profile.
  • Introduce the spider into the hole.
  • Maintain the substrate moisture by spraying or adding small volumes of water as required. Avoid over watering as the substrate will become sodden and muddy.