Golden Huntsman Spider (Beregama aurea)



Huge huntsman! Golden Huntsman are Australia's huntsman largest species!

Adult body length 48mm, legspan 165mm

  • Suitable for intermediate and experienced keepers
  • Mildly venomous.
  • Feeds on live insects
  • Sold as unsexed juveniles, not fully grown.
  • Captive bred through our environmentally sustainable breeding program.
  • Guaranteed to be mite and parasite free.
  • All Minibeast Wildlife animals are covered by our seven day Minibeast Guarantee and have a free downloadable Care Guide
You will need:
  • An enclosure
  • Access to live insect food
  • A misting bottle


Find out more about huntsman spiders here.

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  1. golden huntsmans in Tassie

    Posted by Jason Turk on 24th May 2018

    I recently ordered one of the golden huntsmans from mini beasts wildlife .
    On the day it was due to arrive we had a huge flood in my area of Tassie that stop any post from being delivered.
    I spoke to the staff at mini beast, they were very helpful and assured me the spider would be just fine.
    Monday came and so did my new huntsmans, the spider was in great health after spending 6 days in a box.
    This shows the quality of mini beast'd invertebrates.
    The spider was a nice specimen in great health it was handled straight out of the container it was sent in.
    The huntsmans settled into it's enclosure immediately and has some breakfast the next morning.
    I've gotten so much enjoyment watching this very active spider that I purchased a 2nd one for my son and a fireback huntsmans for myself .
    Great spider.
    Great company.
    Thanks for all the help getting into the hobby.

  2. cant recommend enough truly awsome

    Posted by cody on 13th Mar 2018

    Inverts an bugs aside this would have to be the easyest going most professional business involved with posting an selling anything that they do you guys are so good, easy to contact an your web sight is well layed out with same day response an problem solving then an there, i tell everyone whos interested in the hobby that i come across to just go straight here an not to bother anywhere else unless you dont have what they want. Awsome job guys really happy an if people are bothered to read this far. huntsmans especially when there sligs are savages they will takle things there own size or even a bit bigger an i mean crash takle them an just brawl it to the end an eat it really cool to watch just when they get big watch when poking things in there tank they will leap at it an scare or suprise you prity good an then if it gets out there extremely fast ( like nothing youve ever seen till youve tryed to catch fast) an they fit behind everything BLOODY EVERTHING them but there an easy favorite (bolty not bitey) unless with eggs then mums can get real nasty

  3. Awesome

    Posted by Doug on 26th May 2017

    This was my first time ordering from Minibeast, not much to say that hasn't been said already. Awesome packaging, quick delivery & one very lively little spider upon arrival. It settled in within a few hours & already ate. I'll definitely be ordering again in the future, thanks!

  4. Beautiful Spider

    Posted by Andrew Salter on 22nd May 2017

    As with my previous Huntsman Spider orders my Golden Huntsman arrived very well packed and in perfect health. It settled very quickly into it's new enclosure and started feeding the next day. Really looking forward to looking after this one and watching it grow.

  5. Spectacular Spiders!

    Posted by Smithers on 11th May 2017

    When my Golden Huntsman arrived it was an adorable little hellion; fast as lightning and made several escape attempts. Now it's a beautiful monster of a huntsman that dwarfs our local huntsmen despite still not being fully grown.

    Minibeast Wildlife provide great service and are always extremely helpful when issues arise, I cannot recommend them enough.

  6. Very Active

    Posted by Keane on 3rd Apr 2017

    The spider I received was very active and ate a cricket I had offered just hours after it had arrived.

    very pleased
    cute little critter

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