Minibeasts: True Rulers of our World and the Key to our Survival - Alan Henderson

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Minibeasts - True rulers of our world and the key to our survival.

Lavishly illustrated with breathtaking macrophotography, this stunning insight into the world of the minibeasts reveals the critical role these true rulers of our world play in our survival. Topics covered include the jobs invertebrates perform that enable life on earth to exist, as well as how they have evolved to suit their environments. From new medical drugs to hi-tech robotics, minibeasts provide a wealth of material for humans to draw on to help solve our 21st-century problems.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 254 x 254 mm / 10 x 10 Inches  | Colour | 160 Pages |

This stunning book is by Minibeast Wildlife's own world-renowned macro photographer Alan Henderson. Alan will personally sign copies on request. If you would like a personalised message, please write the requested text in the comments section when ordering.


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    Things you won't see other than through Alan's lens

    Posted by Lynne Kelly on 4th Dec 2018

    I find this book stunning and endlessly fascinating. The chance of my seeing a headless male praying mantis still mating is remote, as is a fishing spider catching prey. But Alan has put in the long hours to capture these fleeting moments. I loved the way the photos tell stories rather than just images of critters. There's lots of sex, lots of feeding and lots of amazing closeups. I really appreciated the way every photo was labelled with its relative size - 3x or 10x ...- compared to the actual minibeast. I have spent hours with this book and know I will spend many more. I see more in each image every time I look at it. Love it!

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    Minibeasts Book Review

    Posted by Tom on 18th Sep 2018

    Excellent book with absolutely stunning pictures. The photo of the millipede curled up in a circle is absolutely mesmerising. If you stare at the photo long enough it almost looks like the millipede is moving, which reminds me of circular like illusions I've seen in books. This is an essential read to understand why minibeasts play such an important role on our planet and why we need to make sure species numbers do not decline for the benefit of us as humans and for the planet.